Plan Your Adventure

The area surrounding Rock Wren Hideaway has many gems to explore! Check out the locations below while you are staying with us!

City of Rocks National Reserve

With only a 10-minute drive from Rock Wren Hideaway, you can find yourself in this unique National Reserve located in the Albion Mountains. The reserve's geologic features are world-renowned for rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, equestrian riding, mountain biking, and more! It also protects part of the California National Historic Trail! You won't want to miss visiting here!

Castle Rocks State Park

Just north of City of Rocks National Reserve is Castle Rocks State Park.  This park shows the history of indigenous people back to 660 A.D.  Families can hike around the beautiful granite outcroppings, fish in the pond, or test their skills on the archery range.  

Durfee Hot Springs

Go for a  dip in the natural hot springs, or play in the pool area.  The hot spring is a favorite soaking and swimming resort in Almo for visitors locally as well as internationally.

Snake River

For those water lovers out there, the beautiful Snake River winds its way near Burley/Heyburn area which is only a 45-minute drive from Rock Wren Hideaway! Idaho Water Sports sets up riverside rental services next to the river so you can kayak or boat to your heart's content!